About Nolie Marie

Hi! I’m Nolie Marie, a makeup artist and hair stylist operating in the Portland, Oregon area.

I first developed a love of fashion as a child, urgent essay writing practicing drawing by imitating 19th century fashion plates, and illustrating scenes from my favorite novels and myths.  I crocheted and sewed clothes for my barbies, and melted their hair trying to curl it on bobby pins. I learned every art medium I could get my hands on, before I discovered makeup art and hair styling in my teens, learning stage makeup for ballet performances and piano recitals.

I view makeup art and hair styling as similar to recycled art. It’s not about your artistic eye so much as accepting the canvas you are given. Every person will wear a look differently.  And every models role, or photographers concept will affect the way your look integrates with the end images.  It makes it feel so much more out of control, contributing to photoshoots or films, since it demands so much more flexibility than painting a blank canvas. It really show’s you that anyone citing song lyrics mla can wear anything, so long as they have the right attitude, and look at the balance of the elements.

Feel free to join me for beauty tips, tricks, previews of projects I’ve worked on, or visit my website to look at my portfolio!

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