Photoshoot: Wide Awake, for Solestruck

I love my job. I love the variety of it.  One day, I might apply barely-there makeup for a video involving “real people.” The next day, I might find myself applying theatrical geometric eyeliner to an amazon wearing ten-inch heels, and a metallic shirt.

Recently, I got the opportunity to work with Solestruck.  Solestruck has some of the most unique shoes I’ve ever seen, and Wide Awake was centered around shoes from a brand with a unique aesthetic, even for Solestruck!

The shoot was a blast! I’m so happy to share the finished lookbook with you.  I’ll share a few behind the scenes pictures soon.

Sidney Babcock, photographed by BriAnne Wills

H/MU: Myself

Wardrobe: Solestruck, featuring Finsk shoes.


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