Photoshoot: Wide Awake, for Solestruck

I love my job. I love the variety of it.  One day, I might apply barely-there makeup for a video involving “real people.” The next day, I might find myself applying theatrical geometric eyeliner to an amazon wearing ten-inch heels, and a metallic shirt.

Recently, I got the opportunity to work with Solestruck.  Solestruck has some of the most unique shoes I’ve ever seen, and Wide Awake was centered around shoes from a brand with a unique aesthetic, even for Solestruck!

The shoot was a blast! I’m so happy to share the finished lookbook with you.  I’ll share a few behind the scenes pictures soon.

Sidney Babcock, photographed by BriAnne Wills

H/MU: Myself

Wardrobe: Solestruck, featuring Finsk shoes.


Photoshoot Preview: A Country Romance

Especially when you live in the city, you learn to treasure chances to get out on location, and take advantage of new scenery. And it’s the details that make these images so charming.  Shamrock, the horse, was astoundingly well behaved, and only drooled on one of Matt’s shirts during the shoot.

All images copyright Alesha Deesing

Models: Kyla Moran, and Matt Knispel with Option

Hair/Makeup: Myself

Wardrobe: Models own collections, and Alesha Deesing


Photoshoot Preview: Danielle Eakins and Brittney McChristy

Hard to believe these were shot at the beginning of August. It feels like months ago.  It’s so exciting finally seeing a project come together, though. I was stunned by the wardrobe, though it’s a style that I can’t say is a part of my personal style preferences.  There’s certainly something to the effortlessly sexy J Crew style, though.  Danielle, our model, has the most intense, sultry stare that completes it.

All images copyright Brittney McChristy.

Model: Danielle Eakins with Option

Hair/Makeup by myself.

Wardrobe by Brittney McChristy and Danielle Eakins.

copyright Brittney McChristy


Photoshoot Preview: Flower Child

I’m loving the summery sun. You’d never know that this shoot lasted 2.5 hours, to see my sunburn.  Even through heavy sunscreen, I burned pretty severely.  It’s totally worth it, though, seeing the images.  Samantha Lemieux is an amazing wardrobe stylist, and I look forward to seeing her venture into photography more. More images to come!

copyright Samantha Lemieux

Photographed by Samantha Lemieux.

Model: Courtney Bryant

Wardrobe by Samantha Lemieux

Wardrobe assistant/Prop Styling by Barrie Chan

Makeup/Hair by myself